Posted by: Catherine | November 9, 2007

Why a Short Sale?

Many homeowners in Contra Costa County are now facing some tough decisions. There are many factors involved with the reasons why a homeowner may be getting behind in their mortgage payments, but when you are, its never been more important to have the right real estate professional on your side. Even if you’ve been served a notice of default, or even a notice of trustee sale, it may not be too late. But don’t delay. Time is of the essence. There are many homes that are foreclosed upon and are now bank owned (REO), and they never went on the market. They never even tried for a short sale. Don’t let that be you. Getting sound advice about the requirements of a short sale is vital. The options to short sales are few. You can explore a ‘deed in lieu‘ of foreclosure, or there is foreclosure itself. In the days ahead we’ll be providing you information on each of the options available to homeowners facing a default in their mortgage. We’ll also provide very important information you need to know to initiate a short sale. Short sales are not short, and in fact, are quite complicated and time consuming, but they may be the best way to salvage your credit reputation (FICO score). A foreclosure can cause a very negative credit bureau reporting and almost irreparable damage to your credit score (for up to 7-10 years). A foreclosure can literally haunt you for a decade or more. So please check back soon and please feel free to contact us at anytime:

For more information about Contra Costa County short sales, distressed properties, foreclosures and REO’s, contact the professionals at . Serving Central Contra Costa and beyond.

(Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Alamo, Concord, Clayton, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Martinez, Orinda, Moraga, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley – Central and Eastern Contra Costa County)


  1. Catherine – I’m looking forward to the expansion of this blog! It’s time to get the word out there about Short Sales. Good for you!

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