Posted by: Catherine | November 29, 2007

Foreclosures can turn neighborhoods upside down

Imagine, moving into your new home, kids playing in the streets, talking to your neighbors as you all come and go from work. You’re settled into the busy bustle of a neighborhood.   Now….  neighborhoods are being ravaged by foreclosures.  If you’re still in your home in some areas, specifically some neighborhoods of Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch and Pittsburg/Bay Point, you may be surrounded by vacant homes.  Owners long gone due to financial strain and the threat of losing their homes.  Lawns dead, for sale signs, auction signs and sometimes squatters moving in next door. 

The Contra Costa Times just printed an article detailing the magnitude of the foreclosure epidemic in some of our local neighborhoods.  Homes are getting boarded up to avoid homeless squatters or drug dealers from settling in for the winter.  Homes are being stripped of their copper wiring and piping.  Its something we’ve never seen.  And, it may get worse:

Click for the Times article:  Contra Costa foreclosures ravage neighborhoods and communities

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