Posted by: Catherine | January 13, 2008

Loss Mitigation Department Phone Numbers

Below is a semi-recent list of Loss Mitigation Department contact numbers.   Use these with a grain of salt.  Many of these organizations are so large, these may not be the right numbers to call for you.  They could however, be a good place to start.  Take note however . . . if you are late on your loan, surely you’ve started receiving notices from your lender or bank.  They may be offering a work-out program, forbearance, a deed in lieu or information on how to start preparing for a short sale.  The best thing to do is to call the contact information provided on that letter.  Open communication with your lender is the best place to start if you’re finding it difficult or impossible to keep your payments up to date.   Once they file an official notice of default, your clock starts ticking toward a trustee sale and its important that you exhaust all efforts to work it out with your lender.  Many homes in neighborhoods we research are owned by banks, yet NEVER went up for sale.  Don’t give up.. there are options to avoid foreclosure, but don’t wait to do something about it.

Ameriquest  800-211-6926
CitiMortgage Inc.  636-256-5088
Bank of America  716-635-2982
CitiFinancial Mortgage  800-422-1498
Household Mortgage  800-395-4489
Household Finance  800-333-5848
OCWEN  800-746-2936
Citymortgage  866-558-3662.
GMAC  800-850-4622, 800-766-4622
Ditech  800-852-0656, 800-449-8582
Washington Mutual  888 456-5353
Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation  866-261-5642
Countrywide  888-453-3102
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp  800-446-8939 x 3553
US BANK  888-780-3997
Greentree  877-816-9125
National City Mortgage 1-800-367-9305 x54949  take note, you can access their hardship package online
Homecomings 800-206-2901, 858-874-7417
Wells Fargo 877-216-8448
Chase Manhattan 800-446-8939(Wells Fargo Bank and Wells Fargo Home Loans are two different companies and
therefore have two different Loss Mitigation departments)
Wells Fargo Home Loans: 877-216-8448
Wells Fargo Bank: 866-470-5230
Countrywide Home Loans – Loss Prevention / Workout Department
Tel: 800-262-4230
Tel: 800-669-4576
In Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, contact Catherine Myers and Terry Osburn to learn about your pre-foreclosure and foreclosure avoidance strategies.  We can help you thru the process of a short sale.  A short sale is the process by which you can sell your home for less than what you owe to your bank(s).  We can work with you and your bank/lender to aid in a successful approval of a short sale, though know that not all short sales are approved.  You need experience on your side.


  1. Washington Mutual loss mitigation phone number has changed, the new number is 866-926-8936 or 866-WAMU-YES

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