Posted by: Catherine | January 23, 2009

Your call is very important to us… and other falsehoods…

If you are a homeowner who has even thought to call your bank for help with a loan modification, I’m sure you got used to hearing the old “Your call is very important to us.”  Well many homeowners got fed up and started to write to their Congresswoman – Maxine Waters in Southern California.  Well boy did she get a lesson is what homeowners go thru.  Kudos to her for trying to help and thank goodness she saw what homeowners are really experiencing.  It certainly does not feel like banks are here to help… I wish they were.  I blogged about my feelings HERE and have also copied a recap of a talk radio show I heard today on KGO 810 Radio in San Francisco.  (We serve the East Bay communities of Contra Costa, Alameda and parts of Solano County).  I’m sure what is described here, and experienced by Ms. Waters is no surprise to many of you – sadly.  But you know what, keep writing to your senators, your congresspeople, your local officials – everyone you can – these banks need to be held accountable for their non-help.

See below for radio recap:

Friday  January 23 , 2009

2 PM:  Congresswoman Gets the Runaround on Bank Help Lines…

In a revealing example of what she says the average homeowner faces, a California Congresswoman spent more than two hours on the phone trying, without success, to find someone at the Bank of America who could help a struggling constituent modify his mortgage payments. ABC News “Nightline” cameras were rolling as Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Ca.) was repeatedly put on hold for long stretches, disconnected, transferred to extensions that did not work and ultimately switched to a recording which directed her to the bank’s website.

Guest: Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D – Los Angeles.  

Click here to listen to the entire hour for up to 7 days after the intial broadcast.

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