Posted by: Catherine | April 27, 2010

Wells Fargo Loan Modification Workshop – last day of workshop

Well, they say “on the spot” help is available and some reports of success are coming out.  Do you have a Wells Fargo loan?  Want a modification?  One more day of the workshop in Oakland continues tomorrow (Weds), April 28th.

The Wells Fargo Loan Modification Workshop is happening at the Marriott City Center and is directed at both Wells Fargo, ASC and Wachovia loan holders (remember those old World Savings loans too?).

Wells Fargo is quoted as saying that a full half of those attending the workshop may walk away with a loan modification, or will receive one soon following some further verifications and paperwork.

To find out more about the loan modification / mortgage relief event, you can call 800-405-8067.  

Or visit:  EVENT WEBSITE, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Leading the Way Home (Homeownership preservation)

Marriott City Center
1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA

Advance registration is closed, you may walk in.   Be sure to bring your paperwork!

1.  Hardship explanation letter, explaining your situation, hardship, inability pay, and wish for modification

2.  Assets and debt listing / financial statement outlining your financial position

3.  Pay stubs (at least last 3 )

4.  Bank Statements (all accounts, at least last 2 months)

5.  Last 2 years tax returns WITH your W2’s


P.S.  There is help.  Amazingly I’ve met a couple people recently with SUCCESSFUL and meaningful loan modifications which enabled them to stay in their homes!   See also this article outlining at least one success: 

Wells Fargo Event Offers Bay Area Homeowners Mortgage Relief

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