Posted by: Catherine | August 1, 2010

Need help on your Chase mortgage? Want to save your home?

While I’m pessimistic due to my experiences with Chase, I did want to help get the word out in case it can help anyone out there.  Chase has opened a new Homeownership Center in Walnut Creek.  In fact, they call it a “Mortgage Modification Center.”  They say you will be able to meet FREE with a counselor with Chase to help you through the process to save your home.  Chase Loan Modification Center >  LINK

It can’t hurt to try . . . and if you have any success, will you please let me know?  Chase is one of the hardest banks to work with on short sales, and so far, I’ve heard no success stories of anyone trying for a loan mod though stats to show they are making some loan mods…

Of course articles like this one about Chase Executives being confronted after cancelling a meeting with homeowner activists, doesn’t help.

Chase’s center location in Walnut Creek:


1390 S. Main Street
Second Floor
Walnut Creek, CA 94596




Hours of operation
Monday-Thursday   10am – 7pm
Friday   9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 1pm

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