Posted by: Catherine | August 10, 2011

Contra Costa District Attorney issues advisory about foreclosure

A client, who lives in another state, was a little startled when I told him he had received a letter from the Contra Costa County Office of the District Attorney .  He asked me to open it.  I was so pleased to see that in the midst of dozens of other letters from realtors, attorneys and questionable parties, here was this “Foreclosure Advisory Letter.”

This letter apparently is now being sent to those who have a Notice of Default filed upon their properties, and is meant to provide a resource and a reminder that there may be schemers out there to take advantage.  It never ceases to amaze me, though I’m still saddened by, the sheer number of “schemes” that come to those who are in default on their mortgages. I was delighted that the DA’s office is looking to be proactive.

The letter says “You should expect many people are going to contact you to try to convince you to sell your home to them or that they can “rescue” you from foreclosure.  Often these people do not have your best interests in mind.”  Amen to that.  Amidst the stack of mail were postcards, letters, handwritten notes and more all offering “I can help,” “I want to buy your home,”  “call us to stop your foreclosure,” and “we can delay your sale and help you stay in your home longer.”

Also nice about this letter is it does provide information about and contact information for three local non-profit housing counseling agencies. I’ll list them below, but I’ve also had them listed on this site for years.

Pacific Community Services, Pittsburg 925-439-1056
Community Housing Development Corp, Richmond 925-412-9290
Housing Rights, Inc, Concord 866-469-0133

They also offer information about  civil attorney group specializing in real estate:

The Law Center 866-543-8017 or email  You can also call the Bar Association referral line: 925-825-5700.

They also advise you that if you have sold your property to someone, or paid someone to rescue you (which I’ve talked about here on this blog several times), that you may be a victim of a crime. If you feel you have been a victim of a foreclosure rescue crime/scam call the DA office to request a complaint form 925-957-8604.

Contra Costa DA foreclosure advisory letter

Contra Costa Foreclosure Advisory

The letter is signed by Mark Peterson, District Attorney and Ken McCormick, Deputy District Attorney, Real Estate Fraud Unit.

If you want to read the full letter, you can access it here:  Contra Costa Foreclosure Advisory Letter

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