Posted by: Catherine | November 9, 2011

Did your bank foreclose on your home?

Did you know there is a new Independent Foreclosure Review board that can review your foreclosure? Check out their website for a FAQ, and if your loan was serviced by, and then foreclosed upon by any of the following lenders between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010, check it out:

America’s Servicing Co.
Aurora Loan Services
Bank of America
EverBank/EverHome Mortgage Company
GMAC Mortgage
IndyMac Mortgage Services
MetLife Bank
National City Mortgage
PNC Mortgage
Sovereign Bank
SunTrust Mortgage
U.S. Bank
Wachovia Mortgage
Washington Mutual (WaMu)
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

We’ve had a few foreclosures happen in the middle of a bonafide short sale. We’ve had some denied for no good reason. We’ve had (and still continue to have) serious problems with valuation whereas the bank thinks the house is worth 10-30% more than it really is. It stings when you know better, the house forecloses, and then it eventually sells for 10-30% LESS than the offer you had on the table. It is absolutely shameful how these banks have handled many of these deals.

So anyway, if your house foreclosed in Contra Costa or Alameda, and you think it was done wrongfully so, go to Read the FAQ’s to see if you’re eligible for a review and then go for it. What do you have to lose? The bank may owe you money or damages for wrongfully foreclosing on your home.

I found out about this foreclosure review board by calling Aurora Bank about a current short sale I have going, and they had this as part of their welcome recording.

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